Perfect lines for the bathroom

Venticello bathroom ceramics are the straightforward answer to individual questions about perfect functionality in the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch has the expertise to produce ceramics with an extremely high-quality finish.

A hint of weightlessness

The weightless design of the bathroom furniture is determined by its lines and thin edges, while its carefully conceived functionality ensures reliability. In addition to reflecting the very latest trends in bathroom design, the Venticello range can also be used to reflect the homeowner’s individual wishes with regard to design.

The lightness of quintessentially modern design

The winning aesthetic of the Venticello Collection is expressed in the precision of a fine language of form. Asymmetrical cabinet sinks, generous shelves, a surface-mounted sink with semi-fitted appearance and flat toilet seats in various designs are just some of the highlights of a perfect design that effortlessly fulfils the most discerning demands with regard to functionality and individual spatial design.

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